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We are a premier institution of the Don Bosco fraternity catering to the present day educational needs in Information Technology.



Our aim is to groom students in all the dimensions to be better and responsible citizens of our society. We provide the right environment, impart the necessary training and guide with love and a discipline legendary of Don Bosco with high stress on moral values and ethics all those who join in as students, thus enabling them to make the right career decision which is critical in today's competitive world.

We are located on the edge of the city in a quiet and serene environment on the Don Bosco school campus where the students enjoy a healthy atmosphere for study in a clean and enchanting environment. We are equipped with the best laboratory equipment, well-stocked library along with up-to-date study materials and spacious and well-furnished classrooms.

We also have a dedicated team of friendly and competent staff to guide the students.

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