• July 27, 2021

Florida virtual curriculum law school is the hottest in the nation

Florida’s virtual curriculum program has exploded in popularity.

The school’s curriculum, which is now being taught in more than 1,000 schools, is getting rave reviews from parents and teachers.

“They have really great instruction and I love that it’s a hands-on program,” said Lauren Eichner, a fifth-year law student at Florida State University in Tampa.

“It’s very flexible and there are no textbooks.

It’s all about practice.” 

Students learn basic law from state-of-the-art interactive lectures.

The course, called Florida Virtual Curriculum for Non-Traditional Law, is taught online in real time.

Students must complete at least three hours of practice law in each class session.

“I love it,” said Eichners father, Richard Eichns, who teaches a virtual law course.

“My daughter has studied this for two years now.

She loves it.”

Eichners daughter, Emma, has gone on to become a partner in an education firm.

“This course is very interactive,” said Evan O’Malley, the founder and director of Florida Virtual Law, which opened its doors last fall.

“Students can take the law and the case they’re studying and practice the law in real-time.” 

Florida Virtual Curriels students receive a free copy of the law school’s online textbook. 

“I love that they have a textbook that they can download and practice and then pass it on to their students,” said O’Malleys son, David O’Brien.

“There’s no pressure, no stress.

They’re learning by doing.”

The course also includes case management and a special section called “Lawful Practice,” which focuses on law-related topics such as tax law, labor law, criminal law and employment law.

The curriculum also includes legal theory and legal exercises that focus on the legal profession, such as the “law of interest” and “the law of law.” 

The school’s virtual-curriculum program also includes online courses, including one for the Florida Bar, which provides students with a free trial. 

The virtual curriculum also teaches “Law of the Internet,” which teaches students how to access the Internet, such that they don’t need a lawyer to access it.

“Law is a new field.

There’s a lot of law students that don’t know how to use the internet, or they don`t know how their computers work, or how to be online,” said Michael Eichnes, a professor at Florida International University Law School in Miami.

“That’s a problem that law schools are really trying to address.”

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