• September 7, 2021

Homeschool health school curriculum could become the next Australian curriculum

A curriculum that teaches parents to help children to be healthy in their homes could become a mandatory part of Australia’s schools curriculum.

Key points:Health experts say there is a lack of understanding about the science behind home health curriculumHomeschools could become compulsory in schools in the coming yearsA program developed by the Australian Government has the potential to boost home health education in Australia by up to 80 per centIt is also designed to teach children to identify symptoms and to manage them themselves rather than relying on a healthcare professionalThe ABC’s The Drum spoke to a senior lecturer at the University of Adelaide about the potential for curriculum to become mandatory in Australia’s public schools.

Dr Mark Taylor said the current curriculum is designed for the average student, but the ABC understands the Department of Health has been reviewing its approach to the curriculum and that there is significant interest in developing a curriculum that could be mandatory in schools over the next two years.

“We’re already in the process of reviewing the curriculum to ensure that it is aligned with our public health agenda, and that’s why we’ve launched the curriculum review program,” Dr Taylor said.

“The current curriculum provides a solid foundation to provide a foundation for a broader health and wellness curriculum to be developed.”‘

It’s going to change the way we think’Dr Taylor said Australia’s health system has been “stuck” for decades with how the curriculum is structured and the lack of education about the health of children.

“This curriculum is about understanding the biology of our bodies and the science of how to deal with diseases,” Dr Tay said.”[This] curriculum is also about how we care for each other, how we work together and how we’re going to make sure we can protect the people of Australia from those things that can affect us.”

It’s a good example of how we have failed to do that for decades.

“Dr Taylor says there was a lack in understanding about how the science around home health was used to help parents and children.”[The curriculum] does teach children about how to prepare themselves and their family for a variety of situations and it does teach the parents to be good parents and be good caregivers,” he said.’

It will take time’Dr Tay said the curriculum could take years to develop and it could be more difficult for children to understand.”

What you need to understand is the science, the mathematics and the maths of how you’re going in to your house and how you can manage the environment and manage your health,” he added.”

There’s no way to put a curriculum in for a child, but it’s going the same way for adults.

“Children are just not prepared to do the same thing they need to do in the classroom.”

They are still learning about how you take care of yourself, how you manage your stress levels, how to control your stress and how to manage your emotions.

“Dr Tay also said the approach of the curriculum was different to that of other countries, such as the United States.”

You’re not learning about the physiology of your body, the chemistry of your blood, how it’s working and how it affects you, the things that are associated with the symptoms that can be associated with disease, how your body responds to these,” he explained.”

So it’s a different approach.

“That’s why, at the end of the day, it’s the same approach that’s been developed in the United Kingdom and in Australia.”

Dr Michael Copley from the University, Melbourne, said the new curriculum could be a significant boost for home health educators.

“I think the home health educator is going to be particularly motivated to go into the next stage of the education cycle to develop the curriculum that will be required to be part of the national curriculum,” he told the ABC.

“For the last 10 years or so there’s been a real dearth of home health teachers.”

And there’s certainly some good evidence to suggest that home health may have some unique strengths that can benefit the teaching of home and community health in schools.


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