• August 12, 2021

How to be a better investor in the future

I have spent the last week thinking about the future of Australian finance. 

This week, I am going to look at how the government can best ensure our future prosperity and sustainability.

My aim is to give you a few ideas of how the Turnbull Government can make the financial sector more productive, fairer, and more transparent.

This article will focus on the next five years of Government’s proposed financial reform plan.


New financial sector The Federal Government has a long and successful track record of delivering the reform of the Australian economy, and I believe this is an opportunity for us to continue to deliver this promise.

The first step is to create a new financial sector, which will be the cornerstone of any reform.

The Australian financial sector is currently one of the strongest in the world.

This is the case, but it will be a long process.

In order to create the new financial services sector, the Government will have to do more than simply create new regulations.

The Government needs to create an environment in which new and existing financial institutions can thrive, thrive, and thrive again.

It will also need to create incentives for investment in these new businesses and institutions.

For example, the Commonwealth will have a major stake in the creation of the new sector, and the Government is committed to supporting the creation and development of these new financial institutions, including through a new concessional loan program to finance the construction of new financial centres.


Better tax incentives for financial services investment In the past, investment in financial services has been an attractive investment for the Commonwealth. 

As the Government’s plan progresses, I expect it to further increase the incentives for new investment in the financial services industry, and help drive new growth. 

The Government is also committed to creating a new, permanent tax concession to encourage financial services investors to continue their investment in Australian businesses.

This tax concession will help support financial institutions by encouraging new businesses to locate and expand their operations in Australia.

The Government’s plans for the future tax treatment of financial services invest will include a number of new tools to encourage greater investment and new businesses.


More incentives for Australian companies to invest overseas While investment in Australia is a key component of economic growth, investment overseas is also vital for the Australian community. 

Australia’s exports are a key driver of economic activity and the country’s ability to pay for its public services. 

However, the growth of the financial and insurance sector is a growing concern for the nation, with Australia’s gross domestic product declining by 1.9 per cent in real terms between 2009 and 2016. 

Given that the financial industry accounts for only about 4 per cent of Australia’s total economy, the loss of the industry is likely to be significant.

Australia’s Government will also be looking to ensure that Australian financial services companies are able to maintain a competitive tax treatment, as the Government has pledged to make a number and significant changes to the tax regime in the near future.


Financial innovation Australia’s financial innovation system is an integral part of the country.

It is estimated that in 2021, Australia will have over $300 billion in financial technology assets under management. 

Currently, Australian financial institutions are primarily regulated by state governments.

The Federal Governments financial regulatory framework is in place, but in recent years the Government introduced a number new regulations to promote the creation, development, and efficient use of financial technology, particularly for low- and medium-income consumers.

These regulations include the establishment of a Financial Innovation and Finance Taskforce and the introduction of the Fair Payment and Settlement Act to encourage more financial innovation in Australia’s public financial institutions. 

These new regulatory measures will be particularly important for Australia’s existing financial sector because the Government does not expect any significant changes in the Australian financial regulatory environment for the foreseeable future.


More transparency and accountability in Australia Financial institutions are under enormous pressure to provide information and to meet their customers’ expectations.

The Financial Information (Public Accounts) Act of 2010 established a framework for the disclosure of financial information.

However, this is not enough.

There is a need for a comprehensive, transparent and accountable framework for Australia to ensure all Australians have the right to know the true nature of financial transactions. 

While financial institutions must comply with their obligations under the Financial Services (Financial Consumer Agency Act) Act, the disclosure regime should also apply to all financial institutions and their customers.

This means financial institutions should be required to provide more information to customers about their accounts, which could include information on how the accounts are managed, the transactions made and the fees paid. 

A financial system that is more transparent and responsive to Australians would help to protect their financial interests.

More transparency and accountable financial systems are the first steps in making Australia a financial leader in the 21st century.

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