• September 22, 2021

‘My Little Pony’ Creator Reveals Her ‘Spiral’ Childhood Program

TONY ANDREWS is the author of the bestselling book My Little Pony: The Movie, and her children’s books include My Little Magic and The Pinkies-to-the-Mouth Series.

In this exclusive interview with The Associated Press, she reveals how her children were taught how to learn, what her daughter learned to do and how she was inspired to make her own children’s book.AP: You said in your book that your children were always watching their mommy and daddy, and you always tried to teach them something about themselves, so what did your daughters learn from watching them?

TONY: I think they always watched me.

And my daughter just really wanted to be a princess.

We would watch the movie, and they’d sit in front of the TV and play and sing.

They would just be so excited and so excited to do it.

But then they got older and realized they were actually doing it.

And I thought that was the coolest thing about it.

So when they were kids, I would say, “We’re doing this.

We’re doing that.”

I think that was always a big thing for them.

And they liked it, too.AP (laughing): What was the inspiration for that?

TONY: Well, one of the reasons I love this show is that I think there are a lot of really smart, smart, very bright kids in our culture who want to do things.

They want to be princesses.

And that’s why I really love it.

We’ve got so many really smart kids in this country.

And we’re always watching, and we’re not watching them.

You know, you know, how much do you want to talk to them?

And they have all the time in the world.

And it’s a very smart, intelligent society.

But I think when you have kids, they are always watching you.

They are always wanting to do something.

So that’s what we always wanted to do.AP, TONY, MARGARET: So you said they were always trying to do that.

TONY (chuckles): And so you just started thinking about what you wanted them to do, and that was how we got this idea of spanking, which is when you say you’re spanking them, but you’re not actually spanking with any force.

It’s more like a gentle tug.AP and MARGaret: But I was like, “Why not?”TONY: So we just thought, “You know, we just wanted to say, ‘Hey, we are spanking you with a very gentle tug,'” and we just started using that in the book.

And when you’re reading the book, it’s almost like you’re being spanked.

So I mean, you’re just like, okay, that was fine.

But we just did that because I had this little bit of inspiration from the movies and stuff.AP or MARG: So when you said you wanted to teach your children how to become princesses, what was that inspiration for your spanking?

TTONY: Yeah, I just wanted them, you never really know what the future holds, but I always felt like, you don’t want to miss the boat.

You don’t really know.

And so I always think about that, like, what’s next?

And so we always just thought of that.

And then we thought of, “Hey, if they get older, and if they really do want to learn to do this, we want them to get a spanking.”

And that was just sort of the starting point.AP for TONY and MARGE: Do you think that’s something you’d do differently if you could go back and teach your kids in your own way?TONY and BILL: Yeah.

That’s something that I would definitely change.

You never know what you’re going to be asked to do by someone else.

You want to say no.

You’re not sure of what they’re going ask you to do?

You don, you want them not to do what you ask them.

But you don, like I would like them to have more control.

And there are times when they can be really rebellious and they need to learn how to do stuff.

And you can teach them, and I would love to do the same thing.

But, you gotta have some control in life, right?

So, you can have some freedom.

But it can be frustrating sometimes.

You have to learn that lesson.AP TONY MARGE (laugh): You said that you wanted a spank to be gentle.

TONNY: It is.

And what you want is to spank your child for a long time.

You gotta let them learn that they have to obey you.

So we always tried that, because we thought, if we had to say

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